Spend more time with people, not technology

We're building a future where recruiters leverage AI and automation to streamline sourcing, screening and scheduling in order to free up more time to spend building relationships.

Reclaim more than 3 days every week

And, put that time toward building relationships



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hrs / wk saved



hrs / wk saved


  • Sourcing

  • Instantly match job openings to public profiles of 775m candidates

  • Search everyone that is a match for any opening from one screen

  • Searches include all candidates, previous applicants and existing employees

  • Candidate profiles are automatically refreshed from public data

  • Use autonomous outreach (AI) to match and reach out on your behalf

  • Candidates add themselves to pipelines, saving time moving people around

  • Browser sidebar: 1-click to create a new CRM record from any web page

  • Two-way ATS integrations (no need to switch between CRM and ATS)

  • All interactions, activity logs and history are automatically recorded

AI Sourcing


  • Screening

  • All candidates/applicants are stack-ranked by “best match” to the role

  • All communication (Email and Text/SMS) is sent and received from one page

  • Recruiters no longer need to switch to their email or their own mobile phone

  • Set custom triggers tied to workflows and automate manual work

  • Automatically distribute reports and dashboards for hiring managers

  • Automatically send full candidate slates with one 1-click

  • Add an AI Chatbot (via partner) to handle candidate interactions at scale

Talent CRM


  • Scheduling

  • Interview assistant (AI) autonomously schedules interviews

  • Schedule everything from 1x1 phone screens to complex panel interviews

  • Candidates can select from open, available time blocks and self-schedule

  • Calendar invites are automatically sent out to candidates and interviewers

  • Reschedules and calendar reminders are made easy

  • Interview kits and interviewer scorecards are automatically generated

  • Interview results and feedback are automatically consolidated

Interview Scheduling