Advance employees on a career path forward

The best candidates may already work for you. Build pipelines of internal candidates that are ready to take on new responsibilities. Improve employee engagement and retention.

Launch an engaging internal mobility portal

Give employees access to an internal career portal which surfaces the ideal job openings that match their skills, experience and interests.

Fill openings faster by leveraging internal talent.

Help employees advance their career. Ensure they are first to hear about new opportunities.

Automatically release job openings to internal career portals before making them public.

Employees apply with 1-click to notify recruiters and hiring managers of their interest in a role.

Career Sites

Employees easily maintain a comprehensive profile

Let employees build and enrich their profile with new experiences, education and skills.

Advanced skill levels ensure that matches to future opportunities are highly accurate.

Employees can sign up to receive job alerts of any new opportunities matching their interests.

Deliver a seamless employee experience with sign-sign on (SSO).

Talent CRM

Match new job openings to internal talent

Recruiters instantly see all internal talent, matched to new openings, right alongside external applicants.

Unbiased, explainable AI stack ranks the best internal matches automatically.

A semantic job titles ontology and universal skills library of 45,000 skills uses machine learning to ensure matching accuracy.

AI Sourcing

Start creating more internal mobility opportunities for existing employees with Ascendify.