Frictionless hiring of front line and hourly workers

Quickly build talent pools of hourly workers, part-time staff, seasonal employees, and contractors that help your organization scale up quickly when needed.

Distribute job openings to job boards (free)

Post job openings to your career website, job boards, colleges, niche career websites and diversity networks.

Job Distribution

Focus spending on where you get results

Track and report on source of hire to drive more traffic, maximize visitors and boost conversions.

Job Distribution

Provide a fast, easy mobile apply

Text-to-apply helps candidates apply to job openings or attend recruiting events by text or QR code — all from their mobile device.

AI Sourcing

Build pipelines of future hires

Set up talent pools by job role, region or business. Then, convert passive talent into applicants when the hiring need arises.

Talent CRM

Reach out to qualified talent (autonomously)

Ascendify's AI sourcing assistant finds likely candidates and automatically reaches out with a personalized invite to apply.

AI Sourcing

Save hours of time moving people around

Candidates are automatically organized into pipelines based on their experience, skills, and location.

Talent CRM

Augment your diversity hiring efforts

Explainable AI analyzes candidate profiles for gender and ethnicity and boosts search results.

AI Sourcing

Never schedule another interview

Ascendify's AI assistant auto-schedules everything from 1x1 phone screens to onsite interviews. Candidates can self-schedule into open time blocks.

Interview Scheduling

Designed for high volume hiring sectors

  • Automotive

  • Call Center

  • Delivery

  • Food Service

  • Grocery

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Logistics & Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail