Nurture relationships with tomorrow's executives today

Executive hiring is unlike hiring for other roles. Ascendify's purpose-built executive search platform makes it easy to maintain confidentiality and satisfy demanding executive stakeholders.

Deepen long-term relationships with executives

Developing strong relationships with executives takes time, energy, and effort. Ascendify automates all the mundane tasks, so you have more time to spend on what matters.

Create talent pipelines of executive leaders and keep them engaged.

Share new product announcements, financial highlights, and quarterly newsletters.

Send Email or Text/SMS messages seamlessly from the platform (integrates with Outlook and Gmail).

Talent CRM

Maintain confidentiality with each executive search

Confidentiality is critical when seeking director-level and above candidates to ensure the company is protected.

Create and share a private, online link that is only visible to executives you select (hidden from others).

Keep executive candidates in the CRM confidential and only visible to the executive recruiting team.

Write private notes that only you, and others you select, can view.

Talent CRM

Bring diverse talent in at the leadership level

Having diversity at the C-suite generates healthy debate from different perspectives which is essential for setting the right strategy and reducing risk.

Curate talent pools of diverse executive talent.

Build talent communities, such as Women in Leadership, that attract a more diverse slate.

Remove bias and level the playing field with structured interviews that evaluate candidates on skills.

AI Sourcing

Take a more collaborative approach to each assignment

The best hiring outcomes come when executive recruiters and leadership teams work more closely together.

Provide executives with a simple, real-time portal with candidates slates and dashboards that keep them updated.

Make it easy for executive stakeholders to give recruiters feedback on which candidates to move forward.

Hiring Manager Portal

Add executives to the CRM without data entry

Eliminate 90% of data-entry with our AI tools that automate the creation and refreshing of talent profiles.

Talent Finder auto-searches 775 million records and autonomously adds matching executive talent to the CRM.

Executive profiles are automatically updated and refreshed with the most recent public data.

Our Chrome browser plug-in lets you highlight text from any executive bio online to create a profile.

Get started quickly by uploading .CSV spreadsheets with robust data mapping.

Talent CRM

Deliver real-time executive reports and dashboards

Make it easy for everyone to see where searches are in the process.

Share which candidates were engaged, who is still being considered, who is not moving forward and why.

Quickly create PDF reports which can be automatically delivered weekly to stakeholders.

Insights & Analytics

Start building relationships with tomorrow's leaders today using Ascendify.