Hire through your employees' network

Increase high-quality referred hires, streamline program management and boost participation with a dedicated employee referral portal and leaderboard.

employee referral form in laptop screen

Improve quality-of-hire with referrals

Referrals often make the best hires. They typically perform better, stay longer and boost morale. Companies with a formal employee Referral Program (ERP) can attract top talent quickly and easily.

Increase participation with a dedicated portal

Expand participation with a dedicated program and rewards. Keep employees updated on status as their referrals move through the process so they aren't left wondering and reward them for their efforts.

Gamify the process and boost involvement

Set up a point system that works across all regions and currencies. Individual links are generated for each employee, so rewards are tracked even when an opportunity is forwarded. Share a leaderboard, encourage participation and celebrate wins.

Eliminate the overhead of manual tracking

Streamline program management and reduce time tracking rewards. Manage all your referral incentives without complicated spreadsheets or calendar reminders. Reporting and analytics provide deep insight into overall results.

Reward employees for sharing jobs over