Deliver an unforgettable candidate experience

The market for talent is competitive. Why not make a great candidate experience your competitive advantage? Make sure every moment makes a lasting impression — from first hello to welcome aboard.

Build an irresistible career site

The candidate's experience starts at your career site. Get creative with our award-winning career site builder and discover unlimited possibilities.

Activate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and bring your employer brand to life.

Personalize their experience. Show candidates right where they fit in. Content and matching jobs are automatically recommended.

Candidates can join the Talent Network to stay in touch when they're not ready to apply.

Easy Apply overlays a complicated ATS apply process with a simple, mobile-friendly form. No need to create an account. No need to remember a password.

Deliver the entire experience in their preferred language (supports 70+ languages).

Everything is mobile responsive so candidates can use any mobile device.

Career Sites

Eliminate the black hole forever

Recruiters don't like getting ghosted and neither do candidates. Responding to every candidate using AI automation is now possible.

The candidate's dashboard shows them a high-level status of their application while they are being considered.

Candidates are automatically notified of status as they move through workflow stages in the ATS.

Plug-in an AI-chatbot and start answering the most common questions automatically.

Help candidates connect with recruiters, hiring managers or executives over social media.

Share compelling stories of your team's impressive achievements by email, SMS or on the blog at your career site.

Let candidates choose whether they prefer Email or Text/SMS and automatically send communication based on their preference.

Career Sites

Deliver structured, meaningful interviews

Eliminate the hassle of back-and-forth scheduling and start asking candidates more insightful, non-repetitive questions.

Let candidates self-schedule into open and available time blocks.

Ensure interviewers are well-prepared with interview kits: questions to ask, answers to look for and skills to assess.

Align interviewers on their assigned areas with scorecards. Avoid repetitive questions.

Calendar invites include a map, who they'll meet, and LinkedIn profiles so candidates can better prepare.

Interview Scheduling

Leverage data insights to continually improve

Find out early what's working and what's not. Discover bottlenecks in the process and learn where candidates are getting stuck and need more communication.

Gain insights with built in open and click metrics so you can A/B test messages and improve results.

Launch a candidate survey and find out how else you can improve. Then, iterate.

Insights & Analytics

Start delivering an unforgettable candidate experience with Ascendify.