People Analytics, Future of Work, and Why We’re Excited for PAFOW

Ascendify will be speaking at the People Analytics and the Future of Work conference February 1-2 in San Francisco. Here are some pre-show thoughts.

People Analytics, Future of Work, and Why We’re Excited for PAFOW

Are you attending the upcoming People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) event here in San Francisco (February 1-2)? We’re a sponsor, and we couldn’t be more “in line” with this conference — the name itself says it all. As a smart talent platform provider with an evolutionary vision, both people analytics and the future of work are concepts we’re constantly discussing, debating, and building for around here. We’re looking forward to getting other industry folks’ thoughts on these increasingly important topics, and attending the many sure-to-be-insightful sessions.
Need a pre-conference refresher to get your brain primed and ready for new learnings? Here’s our take on where we are, where we’re going and what to watch and listen for when it comes to people analytics and the future of work.

People Analytics

People analytics, or HR analytics, is essentially the application of data science and AI to the people side of a business. Much like nearly every other function in today’s working world, HR teams and talent professionals are quickly realizing the power of machine learning to uncover data-based insights within their organizations. By implementing smart solutions, they’re making better, faster hiring decisions; offering their existing employees meaningful, personalized support; crafting smart, strategic workforce plans; and more.
We believe, as an industry, we’ve only just begun in terms of improving talent acquisition and talent management with people analytics — and the PAFOW sessions appear to dive into all kinds of current and future possibilities. Get your favorite note-taking tools ready.

Future of Work

There’s no denying that what we know as “work” has been rapidly evolving in recent years. Technological innovations and ever-increasing internet connectivity have made remote work possible and globalization inevitable; the same factors, along with AI, automation, and robotics mean tomorrow’s jobs may not even yet exist.
One facet of the future of work conversation we’re particularly interested in here at Ascendify is the gig economy’s effect on talent management and acquisition.
What workers may be looking for in a role these days is likely much different than in years past, thanks to the gig economy’s emphasis on freedom, flexibility, and rapid growth. This has obvious implications for what employers need to be offering prospective (and on-board) talent.
Overall, it’s clear HR and recruiting teams will need to stay agile and informed, as change is both inevitable and accelerating. Attending the PAFOW conference is a fantastic way to keep up.
Hope to see you there!
(…and if you’d like to dive deeper into our vision in this area, Ascendify CEO Matt Hendrickson’s discussion on these topics in this podcast is a great place to start)