How to Ace People Planning in Large Enterprises

People planning can be an overwhelming responsibility, especially for enterprises. These four tools and tactics will help you intelligently manage it all.

How to Ace People Planning in Large Enterprises

People planning can be an overwhelming responsibility no matter the size of your organization. Yet for enterprises and their vast workforces, it’s a massive undertaking. How can you be strategic, smart, and agile when there are so many (big!) moving parts? It can seem impossible to stay updated and ready for action on individual and team skill gaps, changing business priorities, and future talent needs.

Good news: There are ways to not just keep up, but even be proactive with people planning. Here are four helpful tools and tactics to consider.

Build Capability Assessments and Feedback Loops Into Every Phase of the Talent Journey

From recruiting and learning to performance and succession, build in intelligent measures to ensure all talent — candidates and employees — have up-to-date capability assessments on file. This way, you have a ready snapshot at any moment of where your talent and teams are in terms of strengths and gaps, and can adjust hiring and training plans accordingly. You can also quickly remodel your talent acquisition strategy based on patterns of success or failure revealed in a capability data model (hello, agile).

Continuous feedback from employees, colleagues, and managers should also be part of your data-gathering approach for a more holistic view of an individual’s capabilities.

Link Recruiting Pipelines to Succession Planning

Related to the above, with skills data on both current employees and interested candidates, you can easily consider both internal and external candidates for succession. Set predefined capability levels for roles to quickly identify who is and isn’t ready to move up. Make the right decision — faster — by linking pipelines with planning.

Use Smart Data and Machine Learning

Yes they’re buzzwords, but they’re hot for a reason: Machine learning unlocks the power of an organization’s data by autonomously optimizing data-based processes and getting “smarter” as it goes. With machine learning, algorithms process large volumes of complex data, take exhausting analysis tasks off your plate, and augment your decision making. Predictive analytics powered by machine learning mean you can instantly and intelligently answer questions on who to hire (or contract) or train, whether they should be internal or external, how much to pay them, and more. It becomes your superpower!

Lean on a Comprehensive Platform

Still feeling frazzled? Understandable. Even with the above pieces in place, it’s a lot to manage and track. There’s a variety of solutions out there that will help with individual parts of the people-planning function — but there’s also a platform that streamlines and optimizes all of this. A smart, end-to-end talent platform built to support talent relationship management, applicant tracking, employee career development, and enterprise people planning brings all of your data, people, and plans into one app. Machine learning and predictive intelligence surfaces insights and recommendations for sound decisions and nimble strategies.

No need to become overwhelmed with people planning — you can more than manage it. Give the above techniques a go, and you’ll be well on your way.