Enhance performance with AI automation

Yes, we're an end-to-end recruiting CRM platform, but mostly, we're evolution. Now, you have AI assistance in sourcing, screening and scheduling which frees up time to build stronger relationships with future hires.

Ascendify's AI assisted recruiting

How does it all happen?

When you build human-curated AI and automation into the platform, every task is completed faster. Every decision is more intelligent. Every experience is more relevant and impactful. There's an endless feedback loop of revelations that make all conversations more thoughtful. That's why we see a new enterprise, re-invented and energized. Hire, inspire.

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Personalize each experience

As candidates share more about themselves, AI tailors their journey — matching them to the job openings, team pages and articles that are most relevant to them.

AI Sourcing

Every candidate, one screen

Instantly match openings to 775+ million public social profiles, previous applicants in your ATS, employees in your HRIS and contractors in your VMS, all from one screen.

AI Sourcing

Stack rank best candidates

Stack rank candidates by best-match, unbiasedly, based on the requirements of the role. An AI-powered “Likely to leave” indicator shows you who's more willing to hear from you, so you start with the top prospects.

AI Sourcing

Auto-fill talent pipelines

AI builds a bench of talent to fill future roles. Candidates are identified, pre-screened, added to pipelines, and then notified about future job openings — all automatically.

AI Sourcing

Reach diversity goals

Talent Finder AI analyzes candidate profiles to predict gender, ethnicity and military history and boosts results.

Diversity & Inclusion

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Unlimited conversations

Add conversational AI to any career site or landing page and create a helpful, conversational experience for each candidate.

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Fully automate outreach

AI sends personalized outreach messages and job announcements. Simply set how many emails you want to send per day to your targeted pipelines.

AI Sourcing

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Self-schedule interviews

Ascendify's AI assistant auto-schedules everything from phone screens to complex panel interviews — and even books conference rooms. Candidates self-schedule into open time blocks.

Interview Scheduling

Human curated AI

Machine learning recommendations are based on deep data analysis and then learnings are curated by HR experts. We keep our AI under human control.

AI Sourcing

Infinitely smarter and smarter

When you tap machine learning, you accomplish infinitely more. With predictive analytics, recruiters deliver better hiring outcomes with intelligence that gets smarter with each use.

Predictive Hiring

With Ascendify's AI, our teams accomplish way more in less time. Sourcing and scheduling is faster and hiring decisions are much easier. And, hiring managers have more confidence in the selection process with a structured approach.

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